We don’t just sell new luxury cars here at Keyes Lexus. We also help drivers take care of their vehicles in our Lexus service center. Whether you need a quick oil change or something a bit more complicated, getting the service you need when you need it is important. Here’s why you don’t want to put off any trips to the mechanic.

Routine Maintenance Saves Money

One of the biggest benefits of routine maintenance is that it can help save you money. This is because many of these small services you pay for can help prevent big problems later on.

A good example of this is regularly changing the oil. This service is quick and inexpensive, but it’s critical. If you skip oil changes or put them off, your engine ends up working harder, and some of its parts can be damaged by heat and friction. An engine repair bill is costly, far more expensive than a simple oil change.

Our other go-to example here is tire service. Tire rotations and tire balancing help extend the life of all four tires.

If you don’t take care of your tires, they could wear down unevenly or prematurely. This means you’ll be spending a lot of money on four replacement tires earlier than expected.

It Extends the Life of Your Car

Regular service also helps extend the life of your new Lexus car. When you get the service you need when it’s needed, you’re ensuring that all parts and systems in your vehicle are operating at peak performance levels.

This helps your luxury car and all its parts last longer, meaning a lengthier and healthier life.

If you’re in need of new parts or services, visit our Lexus dealership serving Los Angeles. Our factory-trained mechanics are standing by, ready to assist you!