If you need new parts for your Lexus car, we recommend using the OEM components every time. They’re the only Lexus parts we use here at Keyes Lexus, and we would be happy to tell you exactly why our mechanics stick with these types of components.

They’re Made for Your Vehicle

OEM, or “Original Equipment Manufacturer,” means that your parts were built by Lexus and are guaranteed to fit your vehicle. They’re going to do their job, they’ll do it well, and they will last for a long time. A generic part may not be optimized for your vehicle, so it simply may not contribute to a great driving experience in the same way.

They Are Held to a Higher Standard

We also know that OEM parts are held to a higher standard during manufacturing. Lexus cars are known for their reliability, so it makes sense that the official parts are also known to be dependable.

Aftermarket parts from another brand can be unpredictable. Wide variations in quality control and finish mean parts that may not be as well made might not fit properly and may prove unreliable. Sticking to the OEM parts can help ensure you’re always getting a good product.

They Come with Warranty Coverage

If something unexpectedly goes wrong with an OEM part, it’s backed by a warranty. Some other aftermarket parts might come with warranty coverage, but it’s not guaranteed. We would rather see you get reliable parts with a reliable warranty just in case the unexpected occurs.

Now that you know the benefits of OEM Lexus parts, visit our Lexus service center near Glendale, CA, for maintenance and installations. Our mechanics can help you find genuine replacement parts you can depend on. We look forward to assisting you!