When you buy new parts from Keyes Lexus, you can rest assured that they are official Lexus components. We only use the OEM parts for a few reasons. That’s because official Lexus parts are:

Built for Your Vehicle

Each official Lexus part is built with your luxury car or SUV in mind. There is no doubt that your new part will fit your vehicle and perform just as well as your previous part did.

They’re Reliable

There are so many aftermarket manufacturers out there. Some probably make great parts, but how do you know which parts makers can be relied on? You don’t.

You could experiment and try to find a parts manufacturer that makes quality products, but why bother when you know that the Lexus brand makes replacement parts of its own? Just stick to the reliable parts made by the manufacturer of your vehicle.

They’re Backed by Warranties

Many of the OEM replacement parts for your Lexus vehicle are backed by a warranty. On the off chance that you do run into an issue with one of these parts, you have that warranty to fall back on.

Some aftermarket manufacturers back their parts with warranties, but you would have to sort through a bunch of them to find ones that offer comparable warranties. In many cases, it’s just simpler to get the dependable OEM part from the manufacturer of your vehicle.

So if you’re looking for quality replacement parts that you can depend on, make our Lexus dealership serving Los Angeles your first stop. The mechanics at our Lexus service center will make it easy to find the new components you need, whether you’re in the market for filters, spark plugs, or brake pads!