It’s a mystery worthy of Sherlock Holmes. The Lexus LFA, a supercar that the world thought had vanished from dealerships when production ended in 2012, is still out there… somewhere. Not just in garages or private collections, either. Twelve copies of the beloved Lexus performance car — a direct inspiration for today’s Lexus LC — are still sitting on showroom floors across America… just not at Keyes Lexus (sorry). 

The news first came up when an intrepid journalist at an automotive blog noticed something odd in a recent Lexus financial statement. It wasn’t malfeasance. It was, instead, twelve cars listed as active dealer stock where, theoretically, none should have existed.

This isn’t entirely surprising. The Lexus LFA was produced in limited numbers and came with a half-million dollar price tag. However, it is exceedingly rare for a desirable car to sit at a dealership for long periods of time, and that’s especially true when “a long period of time” stretches to five long years.

What followed the initial report in Autoblog has expanded to something of a scavenger hunt. One of the models is rotating among Lexus dealerships in Michigan, and the other eleven are also out there somewhere, some doubtless used as display models, some belonging to dealerships’ owners, and others hopefully just waiting for a good home.

We can tell you two things: one, that Keyes Lexus doesn’t have a new or Certified Lexus LFA in stock. Two, we have the next best thing in stock right now at your Los Angeles area Lexus dealership; the 2018 Lexus LC is available right now, and it’s a positive bargain compared to its predecessor. Visit us at 5905 Van Nuys Blvd. in Van Nuys, CA to find out more!