April Fool’s Day isn’t just a time to check your office chair for a whoopee cushion and double-check every “news” headline. These days, even major car companies have gotten in on the act, and the Lexus brand is no exception. If you were waiting to see the Lexus Lane Valet in a Lexus RX 350 at your Los Angeles, CA area Lexus dealership, our apologies.


Per the new “technology’s” press release, it would bring drivers “one step closer to a day when vehicles don’t just react to the world around them, they improve it.” Stuck behind a slowpoke on the interstate? No problem. Just press a button and your Lexus car will signal the car ahead, using its autonomous technology to initiate a lane change. Smooth sailing, right?


April Fools.


We admit, the Keyes Lexus team got a good laugh out of Lexus Lane Valet. We hope you did too, and didn’t get your hopes too far up. But don’t get disappointed yet.


Leaving aside the fact that we’d love to see this feature, there is actually a serious point behind the joke. The page that highlighted the parody “feature” links to a page where you can learn more about Lexus Safety System+, a suite of technology that keeps Lexus drivers safer. It includes dynamic radar cruise control, intelligent high-beam headlights, lane assistance, pre-collision system, and a number of other features that give you peace of mind.


Until Lexus Lane Valet becomes a reality at our showroom at 5905 Van Nuys Blvd. in Van Nuys, CA, you’ll still have access to great new Lexus cars like the 2017 Lexus RX 350. You’ll have to rely on your own wits (and horn) when it comes to dealing with slow drivers, but the great safety features on each Lexus car and SUV at Keyes Lexus help you drive smarter and safer. No fooling.