Browsing Road & Track recently, a short piece caught our attention. Titled “This Is Why Tires Are the Most Important Modification for Your Car,” it makes the case that it’s rubber — not horsepower — that makes the biggest difference for your Lexus car’s performance. That’s sound advice whether you’re getting ready for track day or just preparing to brave the commute from Van Nuys to Los Angeles, CA.


What makes your tires so important, and perhaps even more important than your engine? The new Lexus LX you purchased at Keyes Lexus doesn’t have all that torque and horsepower for nothing, after all. But think about it: that power needs to find its way to the blacktop, and it isn’t going to do it by itself.


The tires specified for your Lexus vehicle have been chosen carefully. Not just on the basis of size, mind you, but because they’re of high quality, and also because their speed and load ratings are appropriate for your driving style. There’s no single tire brand or type that’s right for all drivers or situations, so your best bet is to visit your Van Nuys Lexus tire center for advice, followed by the service center for expert installation.


After all that, what do you get besides four fresh tires?

  • Better fuel economy
  • Better acceleration
  • Better traction, even under poor driving conditions
  • Better handling overall
  • More safety


Viewed in that light, those new tires are a sensible investment, no?


If you’re not sure which tires are the right fit, don’t go to the local “discount” tire shop. Cheap tires aren’t going to be the right fit for precision machinery. Come to your Lexus dealership near Los Angeles. Our parts specialists will determine the best tires for your vehicle and your driving style, and put you back on the road to efficiency and safety.